We all got born so afraid. We all got born so afraid.
Artist: UnknownThe Books
Title: UnknownA Little Longing Goes Away
Album: UnknownLost And Safe
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Artist: UnknownI Hate Myself
Title: UnknownKind Of A Long Way Down
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Title: UnknownMy Most Recent Left Right Brain Argument
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feeling it all simply slip away.

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The moon in total eclipse, setting into a rough Lake Erie. It was WINDY!!
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dear drug screening gods,

let me pass.

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Star Gate Found in Iraq
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the raccoon
I jumped in front of a car tonight

in order to save a raccoon

I climbed down into the ditch it ran into

and held her like a baby

her eyes filled with fear;

mine with sadness

I asked

"why couldn’t it just hit me?"

she replied

"life is only a dream

& if your eyes stay closed

you’ll never see the beauty that it holds.”

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